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Becoming a Part of CCLW

Our mission is to evangelize those who know not Christ, and equip believers for service. For that reason, we are very deliberate in seeking to encourage believers to serve the Lord Jesus Christ here at Cornerstone Church. The nuts and bolts of encouraging people to serve is addressed in our assimilation process, which is described in the following steps:

1. A visitor attends Cornerstone Church and is welcomed by the greeters committee. That visitor then receives a welcome letter and, in most cases, a friendly phone call thanking them for their visit.

2. Upon repeat visit, we invite people to attend our “Party With The Pastors” where we give explanation and history of the ministry of Cornerstone Church.  The person is also encouraged to attend a small group in order to get to know other Cornerstone Church people.

3. Having attended “Party With The Pastors”, we urge our friends to attend the three week “Foundations Class” on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour. Our ministry philosophy, doctrines, church government, and ministries are explained, with questions encouraged.

4. Hopefully, the Foundations Class attendee is now ready to fill out a membership questionnaire in which the person’s testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to minister are written down by the applicant. An interview with a couple of elders will typically result in a recommendation of acceptance into membership.

5. The new member is now qualified to make himself/herself available for service to the heads of various ministries.


At Cornerstone, we praise God that so many of our people are actively serving the Lord. The result is a thriving church that is being built up in the faith!  See Pastor Arvid, Rob Bordenaro, or Jeff Ronaldson for any questions you may have.







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